Taste, experiment, learn, create

Would you like to taste our chocolate, learn about its origin and what needs to happen to get from cacao pod to delicious chocolate goodness?

Or do you prefer getting creative with ingredients and toppings for a hands-on experience?

Learn how to make raw vegan chocolate from the ground up and master the art of tempering, creating beautiful chocolates in all shapes and sizes?

Are you tempted to make your very own truffles and filled chocolates?

Whatever you crave, we got you covered! Check out our many options below and register today!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and let us talk about it to find the perfect experience for you.

“We make more than chocolate… we create amazing experiences”



Join us for a tasting expedition! What do the different ingredients taste like before they are joined and made into delicious chocolate?

Learn about the history of cacao, the many steps that are needed to get from cacao pod to final product. Why do we use certain ingredients, and what are we looking for to get the best quality? What does ‘raw’, ‘vegan’ and ‘ethically sourced’ mean exactly? What pairs well with chocolate?

Get your questions answered. Taste our chocolates, get a glimpse (and taste) into our ingredients and toppings. Learn why raw or unroasted chocolate is a real superfood.

Chocolate Party

Create your very own chocolate masterpiece! Mix and match using all the offerings at our ‘party buffet’: Nuts, seeds, fruits, spices, essential oils, herbs and much more. Let your fantasy and intuition take the lead and see where it guides you.

No need to make the chocolate first. It is ready and waiting for you to get creative, have fun and enjoy the process. Join likeminded people, share, taste their creations and swap ideas. There is guaranteed to be laughter, talking and togetherness. And who knows? We might even share some bubbly – alcoholic or not – and a few snacks. It is a party after all.

Join us for two hours of ‘party time’!

Themed Workshops

Next Christmas, Valentines, Easter – or wedding, birthday and any other celebration – why not gift chocolate made by you?
Talk about giving something with a unique, personal touch. Because you created it thinking of the lucky person(s) who would receive it, using their favourite ingredients and special moulds reflecting the occasion.

You will have seasonal moulds and a wide selection of ingredients at your disposal to create stunning, one of a kind chocolates.

What would be a gift without the perfect wrapping? We will provide an array of gift boxes and special gift wraps for you to use or make yourself as well as cards you can decorate and personalize too.

Tempted? Join us for our next workshop coming up!

You prefer to have your chocolate gift made by us? No problem. Just click on ‘Collaborate’ on top of our website and check the different possibilities available to you.


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